Vikki King, M.D.

Meet Vikki King, M.D.

Being from the Caribbean, I grew up close to nature in a culture with a healthy balance of work and play. Influenced by my grandfather who taught me yoga, meditation and organic living, I moved to Canada to study medicine and further my understanding of what it means to be human.

My Health Experience

I received my MD degree from the University of Western Ontario, my Emergency Medicine Fellowship from McMaster University and my Integrative Medicine Associative Fellowship, under Dr Andrew Weil, from the University of Arizona.

I am a qualified Yoga teacher, herbalist and trained under Paul Stamets in growing medicinal and culinary mushrooms.

My clinical practice spanned academia, research, teaching medical students, residents and nurse practitioners, working in Vancouver’s regional trauma centres and working with the most marginalized groups in Canada.


Understanding of the World

I have lived and worked in extreme human environments. With Doctors without Borders in a war torn South Sudan  and in some of the poorest countries in the world including Haiti. I have worked with christian charities, lived in an ashram and lived sustainably off the grid.

During these stints I was struck with the diversity of values each community used to guide their decisions. Yet, when faced with a life-threatening illness, they all chose what is best for their health to guide them.

Using Health as My Guide

If we all use health as our guide when facing the most life-threatening decisions, why not extrapolate it back to guiding us in less extreme decisions? Why not extrapolate it all the way back to guiding us in our everyday life decisions when we are stuck? After all, there must be a reason so many cultures make a toast to each other’s health. Salou, prost, salute, sante, Wàn shòu wú jiāng), banzai, they are all essentially toasts to one’s health.

Let Health Be your Guide

“Let Health be your Guide” became my personal mission statement and, when my practice began to affect my mental and then my physical health, I left clinical practice to explore a more holistic and organic approach to health, both personally and professionally.

This online health guide provides me with the opportunity to continue to learn and share my experience.

Life is a Journey, Let Health be Your Guide.

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The Guiding Principles

The guiding principles are your navigational tools. They are the tools you use to navigate life using health as your guide.

Compass pointing to Well Being

Your Compass

Your compass points you in the right direction. Learn why that compass should be health.

Glasses lens showing a sharp foreground with a blurred background

Your Lens

Your lens is perception. It is the way you perceive yourself and the outside world. How does your lens affect your life?

Scale made out of balanced rocks

Your Scale

Your scale is balance. Weigh your choices and make decisions based on what brings balance to your life.