Environmental Health

From the communities we live in, the social interactions we have, the energy fields around us and the amount of nature and environmental pollutants around us, the environment we live in affects our health.

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Reiki healing. Energy medicine concept

Energy Medicine

We transmit electromagnetic waves from our hearts and our brains. We interact and react to the sun, UV rays and other energy fields around us. Energy medicine explores these interactions, it adds another dimension to maintain health.

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We share 98.7% of our DNA with Bonobos and the common Chimp, 65% of our DNA we share with mushrooms and 50% of our DNA we share with bananas. We are part of nature. We are nature. We cannot be healthy if nature is unhealthy.

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Environmental Health Articles

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Adaptogens: Build Resilience Naturally

As the days grow shorter and temperatures drop, our immunity, sleep, and...

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Unwind and Thrive: Vagal Activation for a Calm, Healthy You

Feeling stressed, rushed, hyperaroused or hypersensitive? Your autonomic nervous system is out...

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Chronic Inflammation: Science-Based Insights and 8 Steps to Reduce it.

Inflammation is the universal response of your immune system to any breach,...

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The Science of Sleep: 5 Lifestyle Adjustments for Better Sleep

Sleep, we need it, yet 1 in 3 Canadians have difficulty sleeping...

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The Powerhouse Within: How to Boost your Mitochondria

Once upon a time, about 1.5-2 billion years ago, a tiny primitive...

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Sunlight-Part 2: Eight Ways to Use Sunlight Therapy

Sunlight is therapy. Sunlight synchronizes all our biological clocks, it makes feel-good...

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Sunlight-Part 1: Why a Balanced Approach is Essential

“If you want to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency and...

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Energy Medicine

Energy Healing: What is It, Does it Work, and How to Use...

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Nature Deficiency Syndrome

We are in the midst of the largest migration in modern times....

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The Guiding Principles

The guiding principles are your navigational tools. They are the tools you use to navigate life using health as your guide.

Compass pointing to Well Being

Your Compass

Your compass points you in the right direction. Learn why that compass should be health.

Glasses lens showing a sharp foreground with a blurred background

Your Lens

Your lens is perception. It is the way you perceive yourself and the outside world. How does your lens affect your life?

Scale made out of balanced rocks

Your Scale

Your scale is balance. Weigh your choices and make decisions based on what brings balance to your life.