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Discover Your Best Life: Why Health Should Be Your Guiding Principle

Your Life, Your Compass

There you are, navigating your life, and you invariably (several hundred times a day) have to make a decision. What to eat, how to respond to a coworker’s email and who to let into your world. These choices may seem trivial, but collectively, they define your life’s projection.

So how do you determine what is the right choice for you?

If you have strong religious beliefs, likely your faith would be your compass. When you were a child, your parents or caretakers’ worldview acted as your compass. If you live in a socially isolated community, your cultural norms would likely be your compass. But for many of us, living in our modern interconnected world, bombarded by different values and beliefs, we realize that what is the right or wrong choice, the good or the bad choice, is really not that simple.

What’s the Right Choice

Imagine having a trusted ally—a Guiding Principle—that sweeps all that uncertainty from your path. Like a steadfast North Star, your Guiding Principle remains constant and turns each decision into focused strides toward what you want from your life .

In the business world, it’s the mission statement; for doctors, it is the Hippocratic oath. “First do no Harm” the guiding principle used when doctors are faced with life or death decisions.

So how do you craft a personal Guiding Principle?

You begin by choosing one that resonates with your aspirations and propels you toward your goals. Think about it. The more you align your guiding principle to what you want in life, the more likely you will achieve it.

Suppose your goal, above all else, is to be a successful runner. You are willing to sacrifice all else to reach that goal. Then you choose “Being a Successful Runner” as your life’s guiding principle, your compass. This compass would guide all your decisions. What to wear? You choose the loose pants and running shoes so you can get a run in after your appointment. What to eat? You choose the high-carb meal to load your calories before the marathon. Should I go out drinking tonight? You forgo the tequila shots knowing it will affect your morning 10k run. Your life’s compass is set, driving each choice toward your ultimate goal.

However, for many of us, this extreme specialization isn’t what we want. We’re multifaceted beings who cherish a holistic existence. We value family, career, love, and myriad experiences. So, what unifies us all? A shared yearning for a “Good Life.”

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Health: Your Guide to your "Good Life"

What you and I consider “A Good Life” may be different. What a person dying of cancer defines as a good life with the bit of time they have left is different. But whatever our handicap, age, or dreams, a common foundation emerges to build our “Good Life.”

We need a healthy body full of vitality and energy. A baby and a 90-year-old both need to be physically healthy to have a good life.

We need our minds to think and feel in positive ways conducive to achieving our goals and dreams. In other words, we need to be mentally healthy.

We need to find meaning and purpose in our lives. You could have all the personal wealth and recognition, but you will feel empty without finding meaning and purpose. We need self-love and connection to something more meaningful than our egocentric selves. In other words, we need to be spiritually healthy.

Your health, your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health are the building blocks you need to achieve your “Good Life!” Without prioritizing your health, you cannot reach your full potential. Whether you were born into privilege or suffer from mental illness, the more your health guides your decision-making, the more likely you will achieve your dreams and goals.

When you let “Health be your Guide,” you naturally align yourself to reach your full potential.

Health is Your Guide

Using health as your guide is a philosophy. It offers you a navigational tool, a compass, to guide you through your life. It simplifies your life, makes decision-making easier and naturally guides you toward your full potential. Try it! It takes practice, but it works. Next time you find yourself stuck, weighing your choices, let Health be your Guide. Let what is best for your physical, mental and spiritual health guide your decision.

But how does choosing health help us to respond to our coworker’s email and who wants to give up cheezies and tequila shots?

When discussing health, the immediate image that springs to mind is nourishing our bodies with wholesome food and staying active. Just as a well-tuned machine thrives on premium fuel and regular maintenance, our physical well-being benefits from balanced nutrition and exercise.

However, we are far more complex than mere machines. Our heartbeats and breathing synchronize during shared intense experiences, underlining our profound connections. The quality of our relationships is a more significant predictor of early death than obesity and physical inactivity. A deep sense of meaning and purpose translates into living longer with less heart disease, depression, dementia, immune disorders and a significantly better survival rate from cancer. Our emotions can breed physical conditions like ulcers, and our finances, social isolation, and lack of control all alter our chances of getting ill and surviving. Our emotions can even alter our DNA expression! (Epigenetics).

So when you look at health in all its dimensions, what is good for us physically, mentally, energetically, spiritually, and financially, then maybe the occasional Friday night blowout, the lounging in bed all weekend, or saving the money by not buying organic is the healthy choice.

6 Steps to Health-Guided Transformation

Embracing health as your guiding principle requires practice, especially when accounting for health in all its dimensions. Remember, we’re focusing on what constitutes a healthy choice for you, not for anyone else. Each of us possesses unique needs that evolve with age and circumstances.

1) Prioritize Self-Care: Deliberate on how your decisions impact your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Assess whether they contribute positively or introduce stress and disharmony.

2) Set Clear Boundaries: Empower yourself to decline decisions that jeopardize your health. Establishing boundaries is paramount for preserving equilibrium.

3) Pause and Reflect: When faced with life-altering choices, seek solace in your happy place, away from external influences. I’ve personally adopted a rule: I refrain from making major decisions until I’ve spent at least three days in my cherished natural haven.

4) Find Your Balance: Balance is the litmus test for discerning a healthy choice. It’s your touchstone for aligning decisions with your well-being.

5) Practice Mindfulness: Embrace mindfulness techniques daily. They enhance your connection to your body, mind, and soul, ultimately sharpening your decision-making skills. Your body consistently communicates with you – learn to listen.

6) Uncover Your Bias: Your lens shapes your perception – your worldview. It influences how you perceive yourself and the world. Delve into how your lens influences your health.


By allowing your health to guide your everyday decisions, you’re prioritizing your well-being and unlocking a profound sense of authenticity and fulfillment. Remember, life is a journey and every decision you make shapes the path you walk. Choose wisely, led by the wisdom of your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Your thoughts and comments are invaluable. Share your experiences and insights – how has letting your health guide your decisions transformed your life? Let’s inspire and support one another on this journey to a fulfilled and vibrant existence.

Life is a Journey, Let Health Be Your Guide

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