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Our brain is the seat of perception of self and the outside world.
Yet our brains are constantly rewiring based on what we think and what we take in through our eyes, ears and nose. Understanding how our brain works is key to mental health.

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Changes in the brain occurring during neuroplasticity

What is Neuroplasticity?

Your brian is neuroplastic, it is molded and altered by what you think and what you take in through your eyes, ears and nose. What do you expose your brain to?

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Happy woman in the sun with a healthy mindset

A Healthy Mindset

Our brain is the seat of self identity. It reflects our reality, not “the” reality. Understanding the difference is the key to mental health.

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Mental Health Articles

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Tend and Befriend And Fight or Flight

Humans, like other animals, possess an instinctive reaction to threats. Called “Fight...

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What is Neuroplasticity There are 80 billion neurons in our brains, with...

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Neuroplasticity 2

Neuroplasticity- Part 2: How to Rewire your Brain

Five Steps to Rewire your Brain Do you want to create a...

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Why your obsessions matter

Thoughts become words Words become actions Actions become habits Habits become character...

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The Guiding Principles

The guiding principles are your navigational tools. They are the tools you use to navigate life using health as your guide.

Compass pointing to Well Being

Your Compass

Your compass points you in the right direction. Learn why that compass should be health.

Glasses lens showing a sharp foreground with a blurred background

Your Lens

Your lens is perception. It is the way you perceive yourself and the outside world. How does your lens affect your life?

Scale made out of balanced rocks

Your Scale

Your scale is balance. Weigh your choices and make decisions based on what brings balance to your life.