Energy Medicine

We transmit electromagnetic waves from our hearts and our brains. We interact and react to the sun, UV rays and other energy fields around us. Energy medicine explores these interactions, it adds another dimension to maintain health.

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Energy Medicine

Energy Healing: What is It, Does it Work, and How to Use...

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Nature Deficiency Syndrome

We are in the midst of the largest migration in modern times....

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Guiding Your Environmental Health

From the communities we live in, the social interactions we have, the energy fields around us and the amount of nature and environmental pollutants around us, the environment we live in affects our health.

Happy woman in the sun with a healthy mindset

Healthy Mindset

Our brain is the seat of self identity. It is our control and command centre. Yet our brains are biassed. They have been molded and shaped by our past experience. They reflect our reality not the reality. Understanding the difference is the key to mental health.

Vikki with her dog

About Vikki

When I look at health in all its dimensions: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual…, I realize that all along what most of us seek is health. For vitality is physical health, and happiness is emotional health. Success comes from mental health and finding meaning in life is spiritual health.

I see life as a journey and I use health as my guide.

Guiding Principles

We are all unique. A unique blend of our environment, our culture, our spiritual beliefs, our current genetic expression and all our life experiences, ever shifting to create who we are, today.

Just as a captain uses navigational tools to steer the best course in an ever shifting environment, use your own navigational tools to steer your life in the best direction. Use your compass, your scale and your lens to steer your unique life towards its best potential.