Gut Health

Who are you? You are an ecosystem with more microbial DNA than human DNA in your body. Your microbiome is a collection of bacteria, viruses and fungi that live within and on your body. Learn how your microbiome affects everything from mood to immunity and how to take care of your microbial friends.

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Ways to Feed Gut Flora

15 Ways to Feed your Gut Flora

In Paul Simon’s hit song, he describes 50 ways to leave your...

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Facts About Microbiome

Amazing facts about your microbiome

We, humans, live in a symbiotic relationship with thousands of bacteria, archaea,...

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Guiding Your Physical Health

Physical Health is one of the interconnected components of total health. Here you will find insights into how our bodies work and how to listen to its messages so you can find your balance.

Plants in a mortar and pestle used as medicine

Plant Medicine

Medicinal plants are a gentle way to ease your body back into balance.They are Nature’s pharmacy. Learn how to use them.

Women in plank pose in a fitness class setting

Human Kinetics

Motion is lotion. Muscles and bones atrophy without use. Exercise is not something you do, it is something you become, more active in your current life.

Women in meditation surrounded by nature

Listening to Your Body

To let health guide your decisions, tune in to your body's subtle messages. Pain, discomfort, fatigue, your body is talking. Learn to listen.