Physical Health

Physical Health is one of the interconnected components of total Health. Here you will find insights into how our bodies work and how to listen to its messages. 

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Plants in a mortar and pestle used as medicine

Plant Medicine

Medicinal plants are a gentle way to ease your body back into balance.They are Nature’s pharmacy. Learn how to use them.

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Bacteria for good gut health

Gut Health

Who are you? You have more microbial DNA than human DNA . Learn how your microbiome affects everything from mood to immunity and how to keep it healthy.

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Women in plank pose in a fitness class setting

Human Kinetics

Motion is lotion. Muscles and bones atrophy without use. Exercise is not something you do, it is something you become, more active in your current life.

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Women in meditation surrounded by nature

Listening to Your Body

To let health guide your decisions, tune in to your body's subtle messages. Pain, discomfort, fatigue, your body is talking. Learn to listen.

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Physical Health Articles

AllStomach DiscomfortUnderstanding PainMaintaining Your Body

Chronic Inflammation: Science-Based Insights and 8 Steps to Reduce it.

Inflammation is the universal response of your immune system to any breach,...

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Cannabis Medicine – The Plant (Part 2)

The discovery of our endocannabinoid system explored in Part I explains why cannabis may have therapeutic...

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Transform Your Life: The Ultimate Guide to an Active and Healthy Lifestyle

Exercise, what is it good for? Absolutely everything! It boosts our self-confidence...

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Symptom or Disease

Traditional healing systems often criticize modern medicine for treating symptoms rather than...

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Cannabis 1

Cannabis Medicine (Part 1)

A Guide to Cannabis: What You Need to Know Traditional medicines have...

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Cannabis Medicine (Part 3)- Side Effects and Preparations

In Part I, we explored our endocannabinoid system, its workings, and what...

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What is Pain

What is Pain

Pain is a distress signal. It is an alarm your body uses...

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Ways to Feed Gut Flora

15 Ways to Feed your Gut Flora

In Paul Simon’s hit song, he describes 50 ways to leave your...

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Nitric Oxide

Made some Nitric Oxide lately?

How to Boost Nitric Oxide Levels Naturally Did you know that nitric...

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The Guiding Principles

The guiding principles are your navigational tools. They are the tools you use to navigate life using health as your guide.

Compass pointing to Well Being

Your Compass

Your compass points you in the right direction. Learn why that compass should be health.

Glasses lens showing a sharp foreground with a blurred background

Your Lens

Your lens is perception. It is the way you perceive yourself and the outside world. How does your lens affect your life?

Scale made out of balanced rocks

Your Scale

Your scale is balance. Weigh your choices and make decisions based on what brings balance to your life.