Guiding Principles

We are all unique. A unique blend of our environment, culture, current genetic expression and all our life experiences, ever shifting to create who we are, today.

Just as a captain uses navigational tools to steer the best course in an ever shifting environment, use these navigational tools to steer your unique life  towards its greatest potential.

Your Compass

When we look at health in all its dimensions: physical, mental, spiritual, environmental… we realize that all along what we have been seeking is health. For vitality is physical health, and happiness is emotional health. Success comes from mental health and finding meaning in your life is spiritual health.

If this is the life you seek, navigate your own life using health as your compass. 

Your Lens

Your lens is your perception. It is your worldview, your mindset from which you view yourself and the world around you. From birth to present, all your life experiences create and shape your current lens. Now you filter the world through this lens and you react accordingly.

It is our lens, our perception, that prevents us from living a healthy life. Thankfully, you can adjust it.

Your Scale

Your scale is balance. Faced with a decision you must make, you take your scale and weigh your choices. Which choice brings balance to your life? Which choice brings balance to your physical, mental and spiritual life?

Cheezies or Kale, which one is healthy? It depends, which one brings balance.