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Do Good because it feels good

Do Good

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Doing Good not only makes you feel good but also boosts your mental health and can actually make you live longer. Let’s review why we should all cultivate this beneficial habit.

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Are You Altruistic?

When was the last time you did a good deed?

Nothing big,  maybe you gave your seat up for an older person or grabbed an extra coffee for one of your workmates. Perhaps you gave your partner the last bite of that to-die-for chocolate ganache.

How did you feel? How did you feel when that person looked at you in recognition of your good deed? Yes, you felt good. You feel good when you do good for others.

How often do you get that feeling?

What is a Helper High?

You have likely heard of Runners High, but have you heard of Helpers High?

A runner’s high is a brief, deeply relaxing state of euphoria after intense or lengthy exercise. Originally thought to be caused by endorphins, new studies suggest that the high may also be caused by releasing your internal endocannabinoids

A Helpers High has been confirmed in  numerous studies and consists of positive emotions following selfless service to others.

What are the Health Benefits of Doing Good?

Evidence suggests that altruism can boost our health in many ways. It is associated with better marital relationships, decreased hopelessness, less depression, increased physical health, and enhanced self-esteem. Doing good also reduces our stress levels. This likely explains why doing good leads to a longer life and a decreased chance of dying young.

Find your Altruistic Balance

But, like all things in life, it’s about Balance. If your “doing good” begins to feel like a burden, then your doing good becomes bad for your health. For instance, if you are a full-time caregiver looking after an elderly parent or a sick spouse and you feel burdened by the weight of your caregiving, get help. Listen to your bodyIf it feels good, keep doing good. If it feels too much, then ask for help. Reach out to friends and family and give your loved ones a chance to feel good by doing good.

So next time you spot a chance to compliment a friend, or give away a shirt that means so much more to her than it does to you, be selfish and feel good by doing good.

And pass it on.


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