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What are your Spiritual Rituals

Spiritual Rituals

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What are your Spiritual Rituals? What rituals or practices do you perform that lift you up beyond your ego-centred life?

Here we explore spiritual  practices and the significant role they play in maintaining  health and recovering from illness.

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What are Spiritual Rituals

A spiritual ritual is any regular practice that lifts you up beyond your ego-centred self. What are yours?

Do you hike the mountain weekly to visit Bertha, the giant cedar in the forest, to give her a hug ? Or do you spend time weekly with your God in your House of Worship?
Do you celebrate every Winter Solstice or contemplate every Easter Friday? Do you have a Puja in your bedroom or light Hanukkah candles in your living room?
Do you make time every day to read your favourite spiritual books in your favourite quiet place and take the time to contemplate?
Do you meditate? Or practice mindfulness every morning while holding your warm coffee mug?

Sunday church, morning yoga, drumming during a Shamanic circle, rituals are the foundation of spiritual life.

Hands holding sunlight. Spiritual concept

Why Spiritual Practices Work

Without these rituals, we become entirely stuck living in our ego-centred life. Our ego, seated in our mind, creates that sense of personal identity, that sense of “I.” I am this; I want to be this; I am not that; I want that.


When we live in a world of “I,” it means we are surrounded by a world that is “not I,” thus creating a sense of separation from everything around us.

But we are not separate.

We have more bacterial DNA than human DNA inside our bodies. We share 60% of our DNA with plants and 85% with mammals. We evolved from them. In a 500 million-year timeframe, they are our ancestors.

We share and are made up of the same molecules in every living and non-living thing on earth. These molecules came from past comets and dying stars far beyond our galaxy.

Spiritual rituals work because they help us change our Lens from one that sees the world as “I” and “Not I” to one that sees wholeness and connection to everything around us.

Health Benefits of Spiritual Practice

When we see ourselves as part of something greater, our daily demands and worries diminish in importance. Their ability to stress us, depress us, subsides. It is not surprising, then, that those with a spiritual life who have found meaning and purpose live longer. They have less heart disease, less depression, less dementia, fewer immune disorders, and a significantly better cancer survival rate.

Your Life, Your Rituals

Make time every week for your spiritual rituals. Practices that make sense to you and speak to your unique spirituality. Rituals that create a sense of being part of something greater, more meaningful than your day-to-day existence.

Devote more time to your practice and their health benefits increase.

You Become what you Do.

Let Health Be your Guide

Learn More:

Your Lens is one of your life’s  essential  Navigational Tools. It is your lens that prevents you from connecting and being a part of the world around you.

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