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What gives your life meaning?

What Gives Your Life Meaning

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What gives your life meaning? What brings purpose to your life?

Is it your faith, your Spirituality?

That expands your ego-centred world towards something timeless and infinite. 

Is it Love?

To love unconditionally.

Is it a Desire to Serve

To serve to be helpful, and do  your bit to make this world a better place.

Is it to Understand

To understand and explore life and this beautiful world around you.

Meaning and purpose give us something to live for. It sustains us. Purpose adds passion, conviction and joy to our lives. Meaning expands our world, and we see ourselves as part of something more infinite than our day-to-day existence.

Is it surprising that those with a clear sense of meaning and purpose live longer and have less heart disease, depression, dementia, immune disorders, and a significantly better survival rate from cancer?

When we are part of something greater, our daily demands and worries diminish in importance. Their ability to stress us, depress us, subsides.

Find your Why

Spend the time to reconnect to your life’s meaning. Don’t forget that what gives our life meaning may change as we change. What do you value? What are you passionate about? What inspires you, sustains you and makes your life worthwhile?

Here are some tools to get you started

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